Heidi Plus launched on Monday 30 November 2015


Heidi Plus aims to save time and money by making it quick and easy for decision makers to directly access the information they need. This can free up time for data specialists to interrogate data in depth and produce striking graphics, maps and visualisations. The system’s flexibility enables analysis of HESA’s official data on students, graduates, staff, finances, business interactions and estates.

The Heidi Plus system is freely available to HE institutions with a full HESA subscription, enabling them to gain competitive insights and inform strategic decision-making. Non-profit HE sector bodies can also subscribe to Heidi Plus as an invaluable tool for research, reporting and policy-making. The data in Heidi Plus covers the whole UK HE sector.

Paul Clark, Chief Executive of HESA said: “HESA is keen to help institutions meet the demands of efficiency and data is a critical component of this agenda. Heidi Plus will keep down the costs of analysing data and can be used to make better decisions about how to allocate scarce resources and benchmark organisations in terms of their operational efficiency.

Phil Richards, Jisc’s Chief Innovation Officer, said: “Jisc is dedicated to empowering educators, researchers and professional services colleagues through the effective use of digital technology. The launch of Heidi Plus represents an enormous achievement in pursuit of this aim.

“Deployment of the Heidi Plus service marks a step-change in UK Higher Education’s business intelligence capabilities. It opens the door to significant cost savings, better decision-making and faster access to shared data while ensuring the sector stays globally competitive.”

Read the full press release at www.hesa.ac.uk/pr223.

Heidi Plus will replace the current Heidi web-based management information service. The new service will be a significant enhancement to the current heidi offering, seeking to build on the already well-utilised system to improve data content and functionality and broaden heidi’s appeal to a wider range of users and roles. This will be achieved by delivery of heidi data sets through a commercially available data explorer tool to replace the current heidi interface. There will also be a new layer of analyses and visualisations designed to meet key information requirements identified through engagement with a number of professional groups in UK higher education. Future users of Heidi Plus will be able to:

  • Access dashboards and visualisations developed and quality assured by the project to help answer the most common business questions people face
  • Generate your own visualisations based on our data sets to answer your priority business questions in a manner that best suits you
  • Enable a wider range of staff to make sound evidence-based decisions through the new dashboards and visualisations
  • Improve capability and capacity to reap the benefits of business intelligence through access to training, support and guidance
  • Access to enhanced service content and features through use of experimentations successfully adopted from Heidi Lab
  • Save time and money by optimising performance through better informed strategic decision making
  • Improve institutional agility and ability to adapt more quickly to change through access to timely and reliable data
  • Gain competitive advantage and/or operational and strategic benefit through delivering against corporate strategies.

For more information about Heidi Plus, please email [email protected]