2015 Higher Education Strategic Planners Association (HESPA) Conference 2015

5-6 February 2015 saw the project team presenting a workshop at the HESPA Conference in Loughborough to 43 Strategic Planners.


The project has been co-designed with HESPA input (see the Core Project Team page) but this was our first opportunity to meet an audience we’ve identified as critical to success. The session was heavily oversubscribed so we offered to write this blog post up and share with all the conference delegates (and to our wider contacts and followers) and offer an opportunity to see what was discovered and contribute (see later). There was a general air of interest and excitement at what the project aims to achieve;

@lisaanngregg – Very excited for Heidi-Plus and Heidi-Lab proposals! #hespa15 

Phil Richards, Chief Innovation Officer at Jisc introduced the session with an overview of some of the new developments within Jisc, including the importance of the role of the planner and the use of analytics within the sector going forward. Examples of Jisc analytics activities were shared with the group.

The project team co-presented the rest of the session, introducing this exciting collaborative project, launching the project website https://business-intelligence.ac.uk/ announcing Tableau as the chosen data analysis tool and showcasing our new graphical project summary repeated below (click to enlarge).


For the remainder of the session we attempted to identify possible service content from the participants.

Delegates considered one area from Student and Graduates, Finance, Staff, Research, Enterprise and addressed the following;

1) What are your 3 key business questions relating to the theme, that you are currently unable to answer?
2) What would the answers enable you to do?
3) What data would you require to answer questions?

Responses were captured and are available at http://www.bit.ly/bi_questions

Please take a look and feel free to contribute. We’ll be building on this as we move forward with the Heidi-Lab R&D function (centre orange cube in the above diagram).

You might also be interested in Project Manager Myles Dansons’ live blog posts of the event sessions from Professor Sir Ian Diamond http://bit.ly/myles_at_hespa15_1 and the Student Loans Company http://bit.ly/mylesathespa2015-2

We’re next appearing at the Jisc Digital Festival 9 and 10 March 2015 along with our HESPA Executive co-designer Jackie Njoroge (Head of strategic planning and Management Information at Manchester Metropolitan University). Do come along and meet us there.

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